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I have officially lost a hundred pounds, so I normally don’t weigh myself during the week, but I got surprised today because I went to the doctor to get my lab work results which you can stay tuned to the next video I got in Scale, it was 209, so after my appointment rushed home, I had to have it on video, because I mean I wasn’t prepared.

I was I didn’t think it. I was gonna hit this goal this week, so I was expecting my 211 to 10209, so I took a video of it for proof. Watch, oh my god, a hundred pounds. I did it. I lost 100 pounds, so I have 39 more pounds to go, but it’s.

Just I’m, so freaking proud right now, okay, so a 30 90 pounds left to lose. So I’m, not done yet, but my first goal is to drop a hundred pounds, so I did it in less than 11 months. It’s, ten months in like 29 days or ten months of 30 days, something like that, but it’s, not 11 days until the 11th.

So I am officially two days early, so I could say ten months still so the next thing I want to do is I want to take you a trip down memory lane with me since week, one I’m. Obviously there’s. 47 weeks into this point, so I can’t include everyone.

It just make this video super long. So I’m. Just gonna grab a couple, and I’ll, be right back here when you’re to week 47. This video is going to document my Quito journey. This is week one day, one like literally day one of my Quito journey.

I’m 5 feet 8. An apple-shaped. Most of my weight is right here when I saw that number it crushed me. I’ve, been avoiding the scale for a months, but today I decided to face it and use it as turn. It from a negative into a positive, hopefully inspire others to take charge of their weight as well.

Okay, so I just finished week two and the results are in the biggest one. My energy is back, who developed that someone who’s obese still, I’m, clearly still B’s, I would have so much energy. I lost 17 pounds in two weeks and I wanted to make a video because I’m so pumped.

I want to show you or explain how I did it cuz. This is gonna be a really long journey like I have a hundred 39 pounds to lose. This is not gonna be over in, like two weeks: hey it’s just from Quito rewind.

Welcome back to my channel. If you’re new to my channel, please subscribe, I need 100 subscribers. Okay, it’s next time. I thought I would show you what I do on a typical day for snacks. This is week four month, one hey guys it’s been sixty three days, also known as like week.

Nine and this video is basically showcasing my progress between month, one and all the way to month I am on. Was this a week 11 update. Welcome back to my channel it’s, just don’t freak out. I just have my hair straightened today, so it’s week 20, a week 20 update.

Can you believe it’s already been 20 weeks? Welcome to week 26 of my Quito journey. What’s up guys, welcome to Quito rewind it’s week 32 of my Quito transformation just started month: nine or began month nine of my journey, and today is a week 40 day.

280 of my aquino transformation today, a week 44 update of my weight loss transformation sign for a week 47 update of my Kido transformation wow, I can’t. Even imagine I can’t, even remember being so big anymore, like it’s, it’s, not even it’s, not even that long ago that I was 309 pounds, but there’s.

One thing I do see after watching through all those videos and mind you, I obviously have all of them Mike and my memory card. I’m in my computer, but for the just the ones that I showed you the one thing about week.

One to week 47 is that girl wanted this. She wasn’t gonna give up, so she fought through blood, sweat and tears to get where she is today, 209 pounds. So I have 39 more pounds to go, and so my next, my next big goal is to be less than 200 pounds so that’s called Wonderland.

I’ll spell it right here Wonderland, so I have what 10 pounds until then. Until I’m, considered overweight and not morbidly obese, I have to be 196 for my height, so that’s, that’s Wonderland and 196, or kind of like the same goal.

Cuz, that’ll, just be overweight, that’ll, be morbidly obese anymore, and then my final goal is obviously my goal weight which, according to the charts, I should weigh 159, not 169. So I may change my goal: weight and add an extra 10 pounds to be 159 but or I just might stick with 169, we’ll, see what we get there and comment below.

If you want to see an excess skin video now I was gonna wait till I was all done til. I lost all the weight to do one, but if you want now after 100, pounds comment below or if you want to wait to the end.

When I’m there, when I’m at the goal, wait to see an excess skin video – to be honest – I don’t have much so I got lucky, but I’ll, explain and give way more Details on that so but anyways I’m gonna leave you with a bunch more motivational pictures, videos stuff.

I can do now that I can’t. I couldn’t do before and I will see you at the next video where I discuss my lab work that I had done so I’m just so yeah I’m gonna I I’m. Just I’m just so proud. I’m Jets and you’re watching keto rewind bye, bye, belly used to rub on the cake, the door when I stood between the countertop in the island and when I open the refrigerator so now, doesn’t have Anymore, I currently have, but in nature to of gap I made my boobs still touch, but doesn’t.

So the first thing to tell you about is this shirt? As you can see, I think it’s. I did not because this shirt was one of the shirts, that I would take my videos in from like the earlier weeks. This is how the shirt it’s a 2x, and this is how the shirt fits me now, and it was my favorite shirt.

It was the first one that I made a keto rewind logo for so yeah. Now it fits me a little big. So the next thing is the infamous green shirt. This was the one I took in all my before photos, so I’m third on free, real, quick, now the infamous green shirt that is in my original before photo.

This is how you know this used to be a shirt on me and now it I could wear this though I probably can. I still can’t because I have like excess in the armpit, but it’s. A dress on me. Now is that not crazy, so definitely keep your old stuff and try it on and see.

I mean this was a shirt on me and now it’s like it’s nearly to my knees and then lastly, I had these are my first goal pair of jeans to get into. There are size 16 and I posted a video. I would assert the clip right here, so I want you to help me.

Yes, how much longer it’s gonna be before I can button them. I would say it’s about three inches away right now from being able to button them, so I wanted to see how long it would take for me to fit into them.

So now let me show you how they fit on me and week. 47. Okay, so let’s. Put these on and, like I said, these were a pair of gold pants that I wanted to lure the first ones like the big milestone. I I believe it took me like four weeks to fit into them, and these are a size, 16 and yeah.

I’m now a size 12 for size reference, but these were the first ones I waited I wanted to fit into and we did. It was like a little fun if you remember that video comment below, but it was like a little fun.

You know how long will it take me to be able to fit into these so yeah it’s been a great day people and if you’re, not a subscriber yet, and you’ve made it this far. Would you consider can subscribe me to my channel? I have 39 pounds, maybe 49, if I had extra 10 on into my goal weight.

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