30 Days Vegan Keto Before and After Results | I tried vegan keto

I wanted to see what the keto diet would do to my body bit of a background story. I have endometriosis, which is a condition that affects my daily life. I’ll. Have it forever and there isn’t a cure, although many people say diet can help you considerably, especially a keto diet.

I’m, currently 11 stone 8 pounds, although I’m primarily doing this for health reasons. I’m intrigued to see if I lose weight on this diet, like everyone claims, so here goes so this is day 3. I’m, trying get ketosis just as strips, so I would say it’s, probably closest to that one.

So yesterday I was this one, and today I’m this one. Although a lot of people say that this is not entirely accurate, I’m just gonna obviously take it with a pinch of salt bought is progressing Liam’s, not been a great today.

So I think he’s. Cute a loo and I’m feeling. Okay, I’m feeling productive, so he’s been doing it longer than me. So maybe that’s. Why? Maybe it’s not hit me yet properly, but I’m feeling good. I’m feeling good.

I’ll. Keep you posted hello, it’s day. Three! Hmm! I wasn’t mistaken yesterday was day two. I am there’s, women, so just quickly from this kicks, I feel really like, like off balance like everything’s.

I really like, like I can’t focus. If that make sense, you’re doing you spun round like multiple times and then you stop and you feel a little bit like that. Is there any way I can describe it? Just. Thank you so much a green tea because I don’t have any more coffee.

Okay, so it’s day, four, just on a little strength and it’s. The 21st of April. Just compare it on this little strip thing so that’s like we’re in business guys, so it looks. I think it looks more like that.

One doesn’t it mm-hmm and on day three. It was about there. Wowsers, if I wasn’t hung over probably should be feeling great.. I think I was too powerful, see how much you know. I’m, still the same way: 11 stone 7, and so I’ll.

Wear myself again in a week we’re on day 5. Now I’m. Just gonna show you I haven’t shown you what we’ve, we’ve been eating, so I just thought I’d. Show you this warm salad. We’ve got tofu, spinach, kale and leeks, and there’s.

Some more like green cabbage in there sounds like I’m, just a mixed bag of it, and then I pour Sawyer a single cream to make it creamy. And then we’ve got some mix, seeds and knots and black olives.

And what else I think that’s, it very green, very clean-looking, but it’s, nice! It’s, really nice and it’s warm as well. So it’s. The next change, because the last couple days we’ve, been eating cold, salad, mmm and I got my little shot of apple cider.

Vinegar too, can’t, wait for me below lofts and I’ve. Just oh! No! No! My ketosis strip, it is now day six on the 23rd of April 23rd of April day six, and I would say probably that one isn’t it and that moderate, currently making some keto cakes with some frosted.

I think on which I’m, so excited about, because I he had um like a creamy salad. I think I showed you this song yesterday. We both didn’t meet ate the same thing and that’s. My update for day six, I’ll, see you in a bit um.

So it’s now the 24th. So we’re on day. Seven and Liam has just made these incredible vegan keto wraps, which have like half a gram of carbs for both wraps and how amazing this dessert look. So we’ve got some vegan kebab meat. In there we’ve got some olives mayo, sriracha sauce on own and a sauce and some pickles or chilies whatever they are. I can’t, wait to eat yum to say those wraps.

I’ve got three ingredients in there. Amazing show one I’m gonna enjoy this number bye. Okay, so we’re on day nine and it’s the 25th of April and I’ve just done, and it’s. All right, so I limbs just making a bulletproof coffee that’s.

Why? Hence the noise, and so I’ve just done a ketosis strip, it’s day nine and I think it’s more like that. One so I’m. Definitely in ketosis. According to these strips, I know they’re, not really really accurate.

For there we go 25th of April managed to do quite a lot this week and I am doing intermittent fasting, but my hours are kind of changing because, like now it’s 25, plus one – and I know it’s. Hot is one o’clock and I’ve, not eaten yet so I need to eat.

I need to really eat – and I weighed myself this morning and I’ve lost two pounds so yeah that’s. The update for today so now it’s. Time for what you’ve all probably been waiting for to see the after pics and to see what ketosis did to my body in the months that I did it um.

But I do want to kind of go over like a my overall experience and like the pros and cons of ketosis and obviously because I wasn’t just doing it for weight loss. I was doing it to see the effects it had on my body in terms of my endometriosis.

I wanted to just quickly film like a little segment, to tell you what I’ve found with my experience in terms of like productivity levels and tiredness, because that was another thing as well. I get I tend to get quite tired.

I suppose most people do towards the end of the day in the afternoon. You go that afternoon slump. Well, you just can’t, be bothered, you need, and you fancy going for a nap and you just don’t feel great.

I’m, pretty sure most people get that bought with ketosis the majority of the time being I didn’t really experience that it did affect my energy levels. I did feel more a lot more energetic and all the people noticed that as well.

I went to see my sister one day and she said it’s really weird, because normally by this point in the afternoon you’re, like you’re Ninh and you just want to go home because you too, tired And I wasn’t wasn’t like that at all, so when other people start noticing things.

Obviously you know that’s. When it really made a difference, we my productivity levels, they skyrocketed. I think it was like the second to the third week where I felt super productive, and I remember filming and editing so many videos I was just felt really focused.

I felt like my brain was on point the cloudiness and my brain wasn’t. Really there and I just felt really like on it and just productive – that’s. The only way I can describe it. I started waking up earlier and I’m, not really feeling that groggy in the morning and that’s.

What I normally feel like as well, I normally feel quite groggy when I wake up and I didn’t really get that I felt a lot less bloated, a lot less bloated because normally my diet is usually healthy. If I’m, not like going out and eating and boy, I do tend to get bloated after eating like big heavy card meals like pasta or if I’m eating a lot of bread with a meal and my stomach literally blows And I look like pregnant it’s, ridiculous and but again people with endometriosis will tell you that’s like a common symptom of endometriosis.

I didn’t really get that I did get bloating 101. I was on my period and that’s. Another thing I want to talk to you on. I know there might be guys watching this as well, and so this would be relevant to you, but for the women that are watching this.

Maybe you have, you do have endometriosis and you’re interested in hearing what my first period on ketosis was like well, and let me just tell you this: I my body runs like clockwork. I know exactly what I’m gonna start on my period, and I literally start on the day that my app tells me I’m gonna start on my period like I have the flow up, I can see exactly where My period is Joe to start and every single months up until this month, my period has just been regular on on time, exactly when the app tells me, but this time it was three days late and it lasted seven days, which is really abnormal for me, like I normally have a for maximum five day period.

I don’t ever have a seven day period, so that was one thing that I noticed that was completely out of the ordinary and is obviously due to ketosis, because I can’t really. I can’t say it be anything else, because nothing else has been changed other than the fact that I’m on ketosis.

When I, the day before the day before I started, I’ve got some notes, so I’m just going to refer to that yeah. Sorry, the day when I didn’t started, I didn’t. Have any pain at all, and that is crazy for me, like normally, I’m, like they did a couple of days before or the day before my period, I’m in a lot of pain and then the first day of my Period, it is absolute agony, so the first day of my period, I was like, oh my god.

This is great and we’re going to carry on doing ketosis for the rest of my life. This is amazing and then bang the second day of my cycle, and I was in more pain and then gradually, as the days went on the pain got worse and worse and by day three, I was in a lot of pain.

There is I’ve got a clip. I’m here. Actually I’m gonna insert that now just take a look of how much I was a pain. I was in no pain and I was all happy clucking. I’m obvious about to see another jinx there, and now I’m, in their words, a pain that’s.

Why? I’m? What does the pain feel like? Basically, I’ve got the CBD pan, but I’ve lost the mouthpiece on it. I don’t, have anything else to help me, so I’m just using it anyway, and so that’s very unusual for me to one have a period that longed to to start that late, and I have heard People having their periods stopped on ketosis, I’ve, heard people having really messy periods for like the first one, two three months and then them completely regulating and becoming the best periods they’ve ever experienced of their life so, like, I Think is completely individual and obviously everyone’s.

Gon na have a completely different experience. This is just my experience and – and I’m – not saying that everybody will have the same experience as me either with I’m, like I’m part of like all the ketosis groups on Facebook now as well, and I did ask a question on there, because I was really worried that my period was so late and a lady on there.

I think she’s been doing ketosis for a long time. She basically said to me: look it’s gonna take your body a good three to six months to actually get used to the ketosis diet and for your hormones so completely regulate and and get to like a balanced level.

So obviously, I haven’t done it for three months. I haven’t done over six months. I’ve, literally done it for a month, so people might say well you haven’t, given it enough time, and I agree I don’t think I have given it enough time to actually comment on that part of It because let’s say I do it for another three months and in three months time my performers, like balance, that balance out completely and my have really really light periods, and they only last three days and there’s, no pain At all, and what the thing that I can comment on is the rest of the months.

I barely had any pain, and that is not usual for me, so most not most of the months that used to be most of the months. I was in a lot of pain and it has got better. I think that is due to the diet and exercise over the last couple of months, and for this last month in particular, the days where I’m, not I’ve not been on my period.

I have had basically no pain, which is obviously a really good sign, and maybe, if I’d, have carried on longer, I would have experienced lighter, like I said, pain, free period periods. But I feel like I’ve, had a very positive experience with ketosis one con that, I would say it was kind of a big issue was eating out eating out like when you socialize in with friends or family, and it’s.

Quite difficult so when it comes to like socializing – and I think it is a very restrictive diet, when I’m at home, I don’t feel like I’m being restrictive or I don’t feel, Like I’m missing out on anything because everything that we fancied, if we wanted something sweet, we just find a recipe, a key to a friendly recipe and we did have a sugar replacement Liam.

Can you remember what I was good silence? No no risk either xylitol or everything I’ll put the name of it on the screen, but there are massive side effects with the fake sugar which I found out, and some people don’t get this effect.

Liam was ok, but I was not okay. We basically made quickly found some like a cake recipe, a mug cake recipe in like the first week and a vegan shortbread recipe. We just made it out like almond flour, and they would they were amazing.

They’re literally, like melted in your mouth. They were so tasty and but after about two two of those the next day, I would be on that toilet. The whole day like it was horrendous. It was painful, so I soon realized that that wasn’t gonna work.

I couldn’t. I couldn’t, keep having those biscuits and those nice cakes with all that fake sugar in because they just didn’t agree with my body and you might be okay on it, but I wasn’t. I definitely wasn’t, so that was another thing to keep in mind and the another con that I can think of off.

The top of my head was the fact that you can’t really have that much fruit. You can obviously have berries and things, but I am a massive fruit lover. Like I love like bananas mango pineapple at all fruits, I love all fruits and that’s.

One thing that I really did miss on this diet – and I just fancied just having a banana with some porridge and me, you managed to make an alternative for porridge. It probably was is not very appetizing to a lot of people, but when you do in ketosis you always have to make to with with alternatives, and I made I could try it.

It was. It was basically a cross between porridge and Achaia puddin. It was just like chai needs and flax seeds and some almond milk. I have popped it in the microwave for like a couple of minute minutes and then it’s, thickened up and created, like a porridge style, yogurt, its kind that’s thing so that’s.

That was my way of getting around that, but other than that I’ve enjoyed it. I have enjoyed it and I completed 26 days, and then we ended up going on the 27th day. Just had a bit of a binge eating session, which I don’t advise at all, and I don’t think that’s healthy, we didn’t go overboard, and but we ate, I think we ate, Like two meals out and we went a bit crazy on the third meal, we went to ended up going to viewers and having like chocolate, milkshake and just loads of loads of stuff.

Anyway, you don’t want to know that I think, especially if you’re gonna start keto today, so we ended up completed in the 26 days and and now I’m. Basically, I think I’m on like the 28th day, and I’m starting again, and so today I’ve, been eating keto friendly meals, um I wouldn’t advise that, but I just felt like for My own sanity, I just needed a break and I just needed some carbs, so I feel like you should listen to your body.

I do want to continue it, but maybe maybe not do keto. Maybe just do like a low carb version which obviously you wouldn’t be in ketosis, and but I do like the idea of a low carb diet and a high fat like low carb high fat diet.

I think it does suit my body, certainly because of all the bloating and because of the endometriosis. My brother, doesn’t agree with bread anyway, and what’s? Interesting is um. Yesterday was the day that we ate out.

We had a big bowl of pasta for lunch and last night, and this morning I was not feeling great. Let me tell you I felt like I was on my period today this morning when I woke up, I was in a lot of pain and my stomach was in bits.

Hence why I have started eating keto again today, because I thought no, I’m, not having any carbs. Today I’m, not having any sugar today, because I just is listening to your body. I just think that’s, the best thing to do, listen to your body and give it what it needs.

The main like ingredients that we used on a V, Cokie, vegan, keto, diet, a Vigo, Vigo diet and were an almond flour or ground almonds. Almond, milk, the unsweetened one, the the fake sugar, those I saw whatever it’s called a little bit here, and what else did we have? Asparagus is amazing, spinach, kale, cabbage leeks lettuce.

We used all of that. The vegan chicken, the very chicken and the vegan, the umph meat replacement, and what are the mean replacements, did we use like the vegan kebab meat and that kind of thing, and I will leave like a couple of links like helpful links down below.

If you are thinking of doing it or if you’re already doing it, and you want some tips, our if you’ve got any more tips. If you’ve got any tips for me and leave them down below. As well or any amazing recipes, keto recipes leave them down below.

I have lost eight pounds on this diet and now I’m gonna go into the before and the after pictures, which is probably the only thing you actually wanted to see in this video, but here goes so. This is what I started up.

This is how I looked in the beginning, and this is how I looked on my front, and then this is my after. This is how I looked afterwards after the 26 days of doing ketosis, and here are the different angles of those.

So you can see there’s, a massive difference. There’s, a massive difference. You can tell that I’ve lost eight pounds. I look more toned up. I look and like what less fat on my body and I do feel like I look a lot healthier in the after.

I look a lot of slimmer on my face on my waist as well on my legs around my bottom half. I look a little bit. Slimmer and – and I’m happy with the results, I am happy with the results and I wasn’t feeling great.

When I first started, I was feeling very like sluggish and tired, and just not very good, so I feel like it’s been a positive experience. It’s been a massive learning curve has taught me how to be more creative and use different ingredients that then we would normally use in cooking, and I would highly recommend it and I don’t think this diet suits everybody.

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