Britney Lost (80 Lbs) with Keto! Inspiring Before and After Journey – Fitness Motivation

I’m gonna share with you one of my really good friend Britney’s inspiring story of how she lost over 80 pounds of fat following the ketogenic lifestyle I cannot wait for you to see her story and I really hope that this inspires you to stay focused and motivated on pursuing your dreams and going for it and pushing through the plateaus and really focusing on your goals.

This is my journey on how I lost 80 pounds after giving birth to my second child, I grew up in the south and I was never ever that skinny girl growing up honestly I noticed around the age five or six when I really started to pack on the weight, through college I ended up getting married and I got pregnant with my first child I was already overweight when I got pregnant with her and I gained 60 pounds with that first pregnancy.

I ate whatever I wanted I did not exercise so I guess gaining that much was expected but I just could not believe where I was, I started hearing about the ketogenic lifestyle, so I did lots of research and I decided that I would move into that lifestyle and that’s exactly what I did.

I was able to lose the rest of the weight that I had plateaued with plus even more so I was at the very smallest at the time in my life and I felt amazing with following keto I felt like I had so much more energy to keep up with my daughter I had the mental clarity the focus I really felt amazing then I found out I was pregnant with my second with my son in my second pregnancy I did not continue following keto it was something that was not recommended by my doctor so I followed I more of a clean eating diet during that second pregnancy.

I just cut back on the really starchy carbs so the breads and the pastas but even with that pregnancy I gained 70 lbs. after I gave birth to him I thought, Here I am again… Here I am again, not feeling myself, extremely extremely overweight at this point I was at my biggest.

I was 215 pounds when I gave birth. I decided that I would follow a ketogenic lifestyle once again. With breastfeeding, it is recommended that you do not change anything in your diet until the 8 week mark so that is what I did and actually when that 8 weeks came I did not have my postpartum checkup just yet until the next week so I took a good two weeks to wait until I was okay with the doctor as far as exercising and I was getting my meal plans and my groceries and everything ready to go to follow this lifestyle.

So right at the 10 weeks mark I weighed 195 pounds. I did lose 20 pounds in those first 10 weeks postpartum. I decided I was doing this 100% percent! there was no cheating, no nothing involved so with breastfeeding I did follow I guess you can say more laid back keto, so I stuck between 40 to 50 net carbs every single day I also drank a gallon of water and I supplemented with one packet of pure therapeutic ketones and I followed this faithfully as far as exercise.

so I would exercise about three times a week. The only exercise I did was in front of a TV to at home workouts or I would take both of the kids in the stroller and just go for walks around our neighborhood, really it took about four and a half months so 10 weeks postpartum until about 7 months and I lost 50 pounds! that is the biggest fat loss that I had.

That brought me down to 145 pounds so I did lose 70 pounds at that point. All the baby weight was gone but I wanted more I wanted to push myself because this was my last pregnancy and I wanted to get in the best shape of my life so what I did is I continued the 40 to 50 net carbs, I continued the gallon of water a day and the Pure Therapeutic Ketones, however I upped my workouts so I would work out about five times a week and my walks I would walk a little bit longer and I was able to lose those additional 10 pounds that I really wanted.

My goal weight was 135… I remember getting on that scale and it said 135 and I bawled my eyes out because I felt like I did it… I was once again where I wanted to be! I felt so good because I struggled (like I said) my entire life and now I am officially 133 pounds and I have lost 82 pounds total! This ketogenic lifestyle is something that has absolutely changed my life thanks for watching this video and before you go I wanted to invite you to join us, myself and Britney on a 10 day challenge.

we have this incredible group going with some amazing people and within this challenge we help inspire you and motivate you. we give away prizes and we do a lot of fun stuff in there so what it is it’s a challenge pack to get you started on your ultimate transformation.

You have one of these naturally fermented ketones in the morning and then you have a low-carb high-fat lunch and another ketone in the afternoon and then another low carb meal in the evening! If you’re new here and you haven’t seen my transformation go check that that out next! and there will be information on the challenge in the description!

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