I’m gonna be talking about my weight loss journey and how I lost 50 pounds in five months. Before I begin, I just wanted to quickly throw out there that I’m in no way an expert in health and fitness.


This is simply my story about how I lost weight and what worked well for me, just some tips and tricks that I did and you know. Hopefully, this video serves as inspiration for others that are looking to lose weight.

So I really don’t, like the word diet, if that word to me, is just so negative and it’s just you know the thoughts that come with that word or like deprivation starving and just not getting to have anything good And I mean I know diets work, but I just don’t like that word.

I like to use the word journey because for me this wasn’t, really a diet. I didn’t really diet. This was more of a lifestyle change and a journey to become healthy. Overall, just saying you know, I like no more journey.

The board diet is very little very. I don’t like dieting, so I’m gonna give a little bit of history about my weight and a little bit of background about my body type, just to give a little bit of context.

So I’ve. Always been a little bit, I guess you can say on the thicker side I wouldn’t put on weight easily. I would lose weight easily that’s. Just you know it’s, genetics its how my family is. We put on weight, easy, we couldn’t, lose it very easy as well.

It was in middle school when I really started noticing the weight gain and noticing that it was kind of like something I had to deal with. You know. Middle school is when you start to become really conscious about your looks and about you know what people think about you.

You know you start talking to boys or talking to the girls, and you know you just become very conscious about how you look. So I started becoming very conscious about you know I put on weight easily. You know that’s, why I started to realize it so that’s, kind of where it all started high school, I was very active.

I played sports to cheerleading, did branch for our core softball and all that so weight wasn’t really a problem for me in high school. It was after high school when I went to college where it started becoming a very big problem.

Let me say the freshman 15 is real. It’s alive in it driving. I experienced the freshman fifty-fifty. Oh my gained so much weight after high school. It was just you know, the stress of being away from home for the first time being away from my family, just the huge light transition from high school to college.

It’s, just really it’s a lot. So you know I comforted myself with food. I didn’t have a kitchen, I lived in a dorm, I had to eat what they served me, which was mac and cheese and hot dogs, so colleges when I started gaining weight, but then towards the end of college I started losing weight.

Then I graduated college and that whole cycle began again when I went through a huge lifestyle change of going into the real adult world, and I was stressed so I ate a lot and I gained lots of weight.

It wasn’t until last year. 2017, when I became my absolute heaviest, I was pushing 200 pounds. I will admit it. I’ll, be transparent, that I was almost 200 pounds. I was about 188 190 and that’s. When I realized I got stopped this, I got a good shape.

So to summarize all of that up, I basically gained weight very easily. I lose it very easily. I go through a pattern. Every couple years, where I gain weight, I lose weight. I gained weight. I lose weight and last year was probably the worst year of my life in terms of my weight, like I said I was my heaviest and it was just to a point where I was feeling very sluggish, very tired.

I was feeling just so many negative emotions. You know I was angry at myself. I was sad. I was depressed and most of all I was embarrassed. I was embarrassed about how I looked. I didn’t like to be in pictures.

I was always the picture taker. I did not want to be in any pictures. I was just completely embarrassed about letting myself get that heavy, and I was I just hated feeling like that. I’ve, always been a pretty confident person and I just really missed my confidence and I really wanted it back so that’s, really what what led me to want to lose weight and to start this journey.

So there’s, a few things I wanted to break down about what really helped me to lose weight so like different components that were most important. I’m gonna go and order a most important. The first thing that is most important for losing weight is your mentality.

Experts say it begins with a mental change and it really does they’re telling the truth it does. You have to be all in it. You have to be dedicated 100 %, and you have to do it all for yourself. You can’t.

Do it to impress you know a group of people you can’t. Do it to get back at your ex, while those are good motivators that’s, not gonna help you out. In the end the second most important thing when losing weight, and that worked for me is being consistent.

I’ll, say this right now, the first two weeks of any diet journey exercise regimen. Those are gonna be the hardest weeks, because you’re, not used to what your body’s not used to it. So it’s, gonna be so hard, but I’m just telling you now you just can’t give up there’s so many times in the past.

Where I started, you know to eat healthy and exercise, and you know after three days I would eat a cheeseburger and I would just say well that’s, it I lost there’s, no point in continuing because it’S just the burger brew in it, so you can’t.

You can’t think like that, and I’ve learned so many times that that’s. Just not. You know that doesn’t work. I’ve, read in many places that, after the first 21 days is when your body starts to understand what’s happening and it starts to actually crave healthy foods and it starts to reject unhealthy foods.

I remember about a month after I started eating healthy. I ate a piece of fried chicken from Popeyes and I just remember I have I ate a bite. My first bite – and I was just like this – is not good like.

Why did I ever like this and after eating the whole piece of chicken, my stomach, it was not happy. I felt sick. I felt nauseous I felt like I wanted to throw up, and even though I was feeling so sick, I was so happy.

I was like. Oh, my god, my body, doesn’t like this, that’s great, like I’m gonna not crave any more junk food, but it is true. You know your body really starts to reject unhealthy food after eating healthy for so long, and so it’s really important to stay consistent for at least a couple weeks as hard as it is.

You just got ta really push through and just know that after those two or three weeks it will get easier. So after about a month of eating healthy and working out and changing my lifestyle, I started to see results.

I lost about 10 to 15 pounds. The first month and that’s. Ultimately, what kept me going and kept me going for the next four to five months? The joy of seeing you know that you made progress is uncompelled to any other joy in life, maybe childbirth or gettin married.

Those are probably good moments, but the joy of seeing that all the hard work you are doing is paying off whether it’s with weight or at work or in life in general, like that feeling is so rewarding and I loved that feelings so That’s.

What really, what really kept me going so after mentality and consistency, the next most important thing for me was being your girl loves food. There is no food on this earth that I do not like, except for mushrooms.

No, I don’t like mushrooms. I would overeat and stuff myself to the point where I couldn’t breathe that’s, just literally how I ate all the time I couldn’t, stop it couldn’t control myself. So the biggest thing for me was limiting my portions and starting to control what I’m eating and eating to the point where I feel comfortable and full, but not overstuffed.

So that was the biggest thing and I didn’t cut out sweets. I didn’t cut out junk food all on the same day. I didn’t do cold turkey, because that has never worked for me in the past. I ease into it gradually, so I first started off with limiting my portions and then, after that you know, I started cutting out soda and then I started cutting out restaurant food fast food, but the biggest thing that I did at first, which really helped me to Stay consistent was to limit my portion, and, like I mentioned before, once you start eating these healthy foods for a while.

For a couple of weeks, your body will start to reject the unhealthy foods eating. For me, the first two weeks was very, very difficult. I think that was probably the most difficult thing for me was controlling my eating, but you know I didn’t do a cold turkey and that’s.

Really. What helped me to keep going another thing that helped with controlling my eating was counting calories. I know a lot of people feel v — about counting calories. You know they think it’s. Just too much.

You know to press. You know it’s unhealthy, but to me you know there isn’t a healthy way to count calories. If you’re in taking the healthy amount of calories – and I think you know you’- ll – be good.

There’s. This book I had a while ago – and it was about counting calories, and there is a formula that you plug in you plug in your ideal weight your goal weight and then you plug in your like. You have a number for how active you are so, whether you’re, very active, moderately, active or mildly mildly active, so you plug in a number that you are.

You multiply that with your goal way, the result will give you the amount of calories that you need to intake. So my result was sixteen hundred. Ninety calories, 1690 calories is how much I needed to intake each day to meet my goal weight.

So just keeping that in mind, I read nutrition labels. I kept track of the amount of calories I had in my head. You could also write it down. I know a lot of people do that, but I just kept track of it in my head and I, which is used the calculator on my phone to keep track of how many calories that I’ve had so far in the day.

So how many calories really helped, and I’m gonna try to find that online calculator that I talked about and I’ll. Put that link in the description below so the next most important thing. It’s. Obviously, exercising you need exercise to lose weight.

Exercising was always kind of a struggle for me because I can & # 39. T stand the gym. I don’t like the gym. I don’t enjoy it. It’s. It’s, just very boring. To me. The cardio is literally the worst happening.

The treadmill is just boring. I used to run the elliptical, which was tolerable, but I still didn’t enjoy it and I feel, like I, wasn’t really getting the most out of my workouts. What really helped her me was finding a workout that I loved and that workout is spinning, cycling and going to spin class.

I went to my first spin class last fall and I pretty much had an asthma attack. My first class I was dying. I was like. I don’t know how people do this. I could never do this. I will never come back guess what I came back.

I came back four days a week for the past. Like seven months. I really enjoy cycling just because of the of the feeling you get mentally and physically you get such a good workout. You burn so many calories.

I wear my Apple watch during my workouts and it tells me I burn about 400 to 600 calories each session, which is 15 minutes, and I have never had a workout that intense before, where I burn so many calories like never.

I’ve. Never had a workout that crate before and there’s just a feeling. It gives you it mentally refreshes you. I could have the worst day at work and I could just go into spin class feeling so happy and lifted and just feeling so amazing and I love the feeling it gave me both physically and mentally, and I also recently read a study online.

That said out of 1.2 million people surveyed, the most effective exercise for mental health is actually group. You know classes so whether it’s, yoga or Zumba, or a spin class. You know anything with a group that is the best for your mental health.

Finding a workout that you love and sticking to it. You know that’s, really what ultimately led me to lose weight. So another thing I recommend is having some sort of watch where you can keep track of how many calories you’re burning and how many steps you’re, taking so like a Fitbit or an Apple watch.

Those are really helpful. I have an Apple watch and I wear that every day I wear it to work, so I can keep track of how many steps I take during the day. I try to get between 5,000 and 7,000 steps per day and then also I like to keep track of how many calories I burn each workout.

I do so there’s. This really cool app on the Apple watch. I don’t. Remember what it’s called it’s a little green circle, but you can choose what activity you’re doing. So, whether you’re, hiking or running or cycling, you can choose that and it’ll.

Tell you how many calories you burn each workout, so I always turn that on every time I go to spin class, so I like to keep track of how many calories I burn. It really motivates me, and it really you know, keeps me feeling like I’m and checkup myself.

Another thing that really helped me was not checking the scale every day, because in the past what I would do was I would check my weight like every day or maybe once every other day, and you don’t lose a pound every day.

It’s, not you’re, not gonna see changes every single day and to me that was discouraging you know I would look at the scale every day it wasn’t changing or was changing very slowly, and you Know my mindset would be: oh, it’s, not working this isn’t working.

I know no point. The scale says I’m, not losing weight, so there’s no point. So what I did was, I only checked my weight on the scale, probably once a month, if it’s, that I remember when I first started working out and losing weight.

I checked after a month and it that I lost 10 pounds and that’s. What kept me going and then the next time I found out my weight, it wasn’t until I actually went to the doctor’s office and she was like.

Oh, my god, you lost 20 pounds like what has he been doing like good for you. You know your doctor wants you to be healthy, so that’s. Really. What kept me going also was hearing that I’m feedback from my doctor um, but anyway.

Yes, I wouldn’t check the scale every day because it is just couraging and it will. You know cause you to just not keep going so that’s, pretty much how I lost weight right now. I’m at my current weight goal.

I’m around 148 149, which is actually healthy for my body type. I am big-boned and I you know muscles, so that is a healthy weight for me. I’m, very happy where I am right now, but you know I always see room for improvement for now.

My biggest thing is maintaining the weight loss. Like I said before, my weight fluctuates, I will lose weight for two years and gain it all back, lose it gained. It lose it. So I’m really trying to avoid that this time and for me I think it’s.

Really, just about keeping that mentality the same and that mentality is living a healthy lifestyle. You know I’m in my mid-20s. I’m, not you know in my teens anymore. I really have to start thinking about the future of my health in my body, and you know I want to live a long time, so I have to really start maintaining my healthy body now for me that’s, just continuing to eat healthy, continuing To limit my portions and not overeat, and also not depriving myself of food, you know I’ll, go to McDonald’s every now, and then I won’t beat myself up for it.

You know it’s really about loving yourself and not beating yourself up, and I also continue to you know, go to spin class. I don’t, go as often as I used to, but I do go a couple times a week or I try to just because you know I enjoy it.

It’s good to see the people and the instructors are all like. Amazing people and yeah I mean I’m, just continuing what I started doing and you know eating healthy and you know just having that. You know, mentality and also just thinking about my future, and you know I want to have a very healthy body on the inside and out so yeah.

I think that just about covers everything I wanted to touch. I hope you guys like this video. If you did subscribe, give it a thumbs up, I’ll, be putting out more videos about my health and fitness. Maybe I’ll.

Do like an update in a couple months about you know how I’ve maintained my weight yeah stay tuned. If you’d like to see more subscribe, and thank you guys for watching.

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