Keto Diet Before and After Transformations

Today, I’m gonna go through some real client keto transformations who have reached their health goals and have made substantial progress using our macros based approach here at geisha girl training, so if you guys are not following us on Instagram, I’ve taken all of these photos off of my Instagram account. I have two of them. One is at gage real training, the other one you will see, but this is a real keto transformation.

This is an endomorph client. You can definitely see just an absolute complete lifestyle transformation. She used the ketogenic diet to support her goals. This worked well for her as an endomorph. You don’t necessarily need to be on keto if you are in endomorph, but it has helped a lot of endomorph client’s break through some really challenging plateaus. This is another ketogenic transformation, and this client is featured on our transformation.

Page GG t underscore transformation, and once she started going on keto, we established that she needed to be on keto during our custom, 12-week coaching, and you can see that keto actually helped eliminate cystic acne, which was really amazing, and you can read more about this.

If you want to follow us at GG, t underscore transformations, this is her physique transformation. She again this was a 12-week transformation and she did really well with the ketogenic diet. Here is a mail client following the keto six weeks shred, you can definitely see a huge difference and just also to let you guys know that our programs are not just exclusively for women.

We have a lot of programs for men and he was actually one of the second-place winners of one of our six weeks. Shred challenges earlier in the year. Here is another transformation, and this is really important to me, because a lot of people think that you cannot gain muscle.

You’re, going to lose muscle on the ketogenic diet. This a client who did our keto budget shred. She was able to maintain her lean muscle mass, while reducing body fat proof that keto does not cause you to lose muscle.

You can see more definition and her shoulders, her delt her abs, she maintained her quads here is another keto transformation. Now this is a 1-year transformation. She used our keto meal plans to support her lifestyle change, and this is the same exact t-shirt in both photos.

Just for you guys to get the scale of how effective the keto program was and her transformation. Now this one is a really special near and dear to my heart transformation. This client, I’ve, been working with for a very long time and we actually used Kido for her bikini prep, and this was one on one coaching.

We worked together for a very long time and I was actually very much against her using Kido for her contest prep. I actually did not want her to use it, but what we found was. This was just the approach that worked best for her body.

It took me out of my comfort zone as a nutritionist, but we were able to put it together, find a protocol that works, and she stepped on stage here at over 50 years old. He’s. A thick grandmother and Kido is what got her here.

This is another amazing lifestyle, transformation. Official Anthea really love this woman. She has been using our macros based Kido plans. She did our keto shred two times. You guys can check out her transformation, but keto essentially changed her life.

Here is another keto transformation. This was after 42 days of our ketogenic six weeks shred. This client actually won second place of that challenge. Here’s, another amazing lifestyle transformation who was following our keto shred, and this is another ketogenic lifestyle transformation.

This client actually won the six week shred challenge and this won her a trip to our LA meetup earlier. That said in August, I believe – and this transformation was accomplished all through the ketogenic, so you guys Quito is effective and I hope that this was helpful for showcasing what is possible on the ketogenic diet.

If you guys want some more resources of what keto plans we have, we have several so check out the links below and make sure you guys are following us on instagram at gage girl training, as well as at GG t underscore transformations for more inspiring content.

To keep you inspired on a daily basis, so thanks for watching guys and I’ll see you on the next one.

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