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We’re back talking about a ketogenic way of eating when you hack your body into a state of ketosis, where you start burning fat for fuel. Now I’m joined by trainer, drew Manning who swears by ketosis. I get to give an example.

A few years ago, drew gained 75 pounds there. He is, I understand what it meant to be overweight. We could relate to his clients than what he did. He lost in six months all that weight and he has been caned it through a ketogenic lifestyle.

What we’re talking about today, so I wanted to break it down, so we could all understand exactly what we should eat on a ketogenic diet. So I’ve got some representation here, explain to me how this works, so you want to make sure you get enough fat and so 75 to 80 percent of your total calories should come from fat.

That’s. Why? I see all this butter here: 15 10 to 15 % should come from protein and about 5 % from carbs, so you got to make sure and keep your carbs low and load it up with that. So one more time so 3/4 everything is fat, yes, which is more than about only only about 20 % protein.

That’s a lot lower than I usually recommend exactly. Is it’s, a high fat moderate protein low carb approach? What’s, the problem with having more protein and less fat? Because if you eat too much protein, it can actually kick you out of ketosis through a process called gluconeogenesis.

So if you eat too much protein, it’ll. Kick you out of ketosis and it’ll converts it to the protein to glucose yeah understands you. We do make glucose from lots of things, except we can’t make it from fat, so that’s, your ally, you’re, saying the more fat you eat, the less sugar you’re gonna have, In your body, no matter what your body tries to do exactly and what happens if you have some really healthy, colorful vegetables that happen to have a little carbohydrate in them yeah.

So you definitely want to limit those types of vegetables like sweet, potatoes, yams carrots, because they’re a little bit starchy ER and they’re hiring in carbs. You definitely got to make sure to keep those carbs low.

Otherwise it’ll. Kick you out of ketosis, so you know I do for a living. I’m, a heart surgeon right sure I’ve been my day, taking people’s chest and opening with a bandsaw and getting in there to pull out stuff.

It looks like this from arteries, so just makes me a little nervous. You’ll. Get you’re, not concerned that this might be unsafe. You know I used to think that way as well. A lot of us have thought that way for a long period of time.

But if you look at, though a lot of the new research it shows when you eat these good quality fats without the presence of refined, sugars and process hydrates, it actually forces your body to use that fat for fuel instead of storing in the body and clogging Your arteries – and you say these good faster.

What’s, that’s? You prefer to. I guess the problem you know, but no, I don’t need this much butter. This is not what a typical day excellent for me, but coconut oil, coconut avocados, avocado oil, things like fatty or meats bacon salmon, better cuts of beef, even so so real hold versions, but not yeah a lot of saturated fats.

Alright, any facts are off-limits. You won’t eat at all yeah. You definitely are stay away from hydrogenated oils. Margarine, soybean oil, vegetable oils, those types of oils you definitely wan na stay away from so alright, so bacon transfer that’s right the whole egg, healthier.

If that’s, what you wish to call that alright. So if we take this is our basic formula. You also understand this right now. Your body will then begin to burn the fat that you have on it. It has to do chase.

Yes, that’s. What you found in your life, it’s, how you got rid of that thing at that six-pack. Let me see this one, two, three, four, five, six, alright so forget about embarrassing me. I’ve got candy here’s, a little kid matters more candy and he’s.

Thinking about coming out of ketogenic diet. How are you Gandhi, so Peters, heard, to explain a little bit about this diet is all about what’s, getting you thinking about doing this bacon. First of all, take it all day, some bacon yeah, but not only bacon.

Well, you know the thing that really excites me is. You know I have been trying to lose this 35 pounds for the past year. I’ve tried every diet. I’ve tried shapes, I’ve tried little carb. I exercise regularly and nothing’s working, so I’m, really excited to see what this can do for me be sure to subscribe to my channel.

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